GolfWang Whores & Beautiful Shores

GolfWang Whores & Beautiful Shores

Hey my names Roe , I'm 18 and live in Sydney.I spend most of my time surfing and making music . I blog to express. enjoy :)

Hey guys, this is a Bootleg of the new American Horror Story theme song “Carousel” . I went for something different on the production this time with the breakdown . Let me know what you think . :) Free download !!

This is a bootleg to one of my favorite Artists/Tracks at the moment . This song has been getting remixed a lot lately so i decided to make a Melbourne bounce bootleg :) Please leave feedback if you enjoyed this tune , download in description .


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NEW Mix i threw together today featuring a few of my own tracks i’ve been working on lately. Free Download in description of course. Please leave a comment and like if you enjoyed the new mix. Cheers :)

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  • Raver: Ugh this line is long
  • Raver: Do you have any water
  • Raver: Oh shit that wasn't water
  • Raver: I smell weed
  • Raver: Where's the bathroom?
  • Raver: So we're out of water?
  • Raver: I don't feel it
  • Raver: Oh fuck it's kicking in
  • Raver: You think they're on something?
  • Raver: Meet me here in 5 minutes ok?!
  • Raver: Where were we supposed to meet?
  • Raver: You think they can tell we are?
  • Raver: I need gum
  • Raver: Can I use your binkie?
  • Raver: Give me a LightShow
  • Raver: Oh I've seen this DJ before it was better
  • Raver: So we really don't have water?
  • Raver: $5 for a glow stick?
  • Raver: Can I use your gloves?
  • Raver: ugh I want water!
  • Raver: I can't find Molly
  • Raver: No really I lost my friend Molly
  • Raver: I just want to shuffle


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